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“I absolutely love this place! I’ve lost weight and have a ton of energy. My friends and family say I look ten years younger and I’ve never felt better!” — Cordovana J. – Scottsdale, AZ

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Arizona-Based Hormone Therapy, Primary Care & Aesthetics for Men & Women

Life is full of transitions. As we age, men experience decreases in testosterone while women may experience increased or decreased estrogen levels. These hormone imbalances cause a range of symptoms that can greatly diminish the quality of your life.

At Balance Hormone Center, we offer hormone replacement therapy for both men and women, helping you get back to feeling your best.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women in Gilbert & Chandler, AZ

As early as the age of 30, men will begin to experience an age-related decline in testosterone, resulting in symptoms such as decreased libido, memory loss and loss of muscle mass. For women, aging may bring on hormone imbalances such as elevated or decreased estrogen levels, which can result in hot flashes, decreased libido, mood swings and more.

The only way to improve these symptoms is through hormone therapy. Our team offers a wide range of treatment options to help alleviate these symptoms, helping you feel younger and allowing you to enjoy the things that matter most.

Feel Good From the Inside Out With Primary Care & Aesthetics

Balance Hormone Center aims to help you live your best life from the inside out. That’s why we offer hormone therapy in addition to primary care and aesthetic services.

Primary Care

To be healthy, you need full-body balance. A primary care physician is important for ensuring you and your family remain healthy. Our primary care practice offers:


Aging also brings about many visible, external changes to your body. You may begin to see wrinkles forming such as frown lines or you may see an increase in unwanted body hair as your hormones fluctuate. To help feel and look your best, we offer aesthetic services such as:

Get Back to Looking & Feeling Your Best With Balance Hormone Center

Our team is dedicated to providing you with full-body health. To learn more about our services or for answers to your questions, give us a call at 480-525-7747. If you’re ready to visit us in Gilbert or Chandler Arizona, schedule your appointment today.

What Our Clients Say

“This place is a Godsend. So grateful to Dr Cafaro for his expertise & time he takes to explain everything & address all my questions. He is awesome. I feel so good since getting hormones all figured out. I have much more energy & just feel healthy. The office staff are very kind & easy to deal with. Great place. So happy I found them.”

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